Living in a painting

New book published by La Mobilière & Ciao Press

23 x 31 cm, hardcover

700 copies


Over the past two years, I have been creating a series of live painting performances on overhead projectors within my specifically conceived insitu large-scale installations. Accompanied by the Swiss musician Buvette, these performances took place at various international museums, galleries and theaters such as Les Abattoirs de Toulouse, the South Tank of Tate Modern, Arsenic theatre in Lausanne and Mobiliare Garden with Locarno Film Festival. 


Inspired by human and spatial energy, I organically play with water, waterpaint and marble painting. During an hour of performance, music and painting come together to create a contemplative, half material, half ephemeral collage. The visitors are invited to move around and experiment these moving images through body and mind. Colorful spaces invite to dream ; the simple beauty of nature is enlightened, but at the same time the toxicity of our environnement is exposed.


After each performance I leave the paintings drying. Then I scan them and use as negatives to be printed on different mediums for the next installation.


The present book highlights a selection of those paintings and brings them in relation with my private imagery. I have been photographing my various sources of inspiration, recognizing similar motives of my paintings in scenes from my everyday life : carrot juice with pumpkin oil, some hail on the floor, trees in the night. 


The idea of recycling is particularly present in my work and therefore all the photographic spreads of the book are recycled from test prints, with a layer of silver print on it. These silver surfaces make paintings gradually fade away, inviting the photographs to appear. The packaging of the book uses test prints instead of plastic packaging as well.


My interest in taking risks and exploring matter are manifested in 36 pages created directly during the printing process, on offset plates. Painting with acid and playing with various layers, I create this book whilst printing and therefore it is non reproductible. Every copy becomes a unique experience, connected to performance, digital photography, analog painting and printing process.